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Patterns in Abstract

I love pattern, and even more the intricate designs created when patterns are layered on top of each other, blended or juxtaposed next to others to generate tension or complimentary movement or color. Below are some examples of these experiments.

Fish Collage FLW 1004 fvbt

Red Box with Goldfish

Urban Abstract FLW 20065 thhtt

Holiday Streamers

Lace and Paper FLW 2660 pwqdcxby.jpg

Lace and Paper


Lace Window




Park Bench





Abstract hardscape 34polkiutut23.jpg

The Secret Wall

Urban PotRust FLW 5779 jmjmc

Rusty Pot


Circle of Light

Davis Stele 3 blflw 4040404040 gjgldlaaas.jpg

Davis Stele

Urban PotRust FLW 5779 jvbcx


Abstract Patterns FLW 797979 grewtr.jpg

The Dance I

Abstract Patterns FLW 7878678 kiujh.jpg

The Dance II

PaintingMix FLW 5070

Wild Flowers

Abstract mesh FLW2 5555 ggbd

Depth of Vision

Collage Blpr FLW 55675

Pink and Blue

Abstract Urban FLW 2007 fvdccd

Cogs in the Machine

Rust and Metal FLW 4336 yrrthg

Rust and Metal

RustII FLW 45678901 bgnhmjklqqq.jpg

Rust and Metal II

RustPot22 FLW 3005tj gnnbngdcd22.jpg

Rusty Pot

AbstractPatterns FLW 2002002sdwqwerty.jpg

Stone Emblem

Glass&Rust FLW rghtygnb 098776543.jpg

Rust & Glass

CollageRock FLW 8556576 dhfgghfjas.jpg

Rock and Fabric

DoorIron FLW 2039485875 ghghkdbgt.jpg

Iron Gate

MetalAbstract33 FLW 08978675 adsfdgfhgjhqss1.jpg

Urban Rust

PatternAbstract FLW 232334344545 sxzasqqwer.jpg

Patterns in Red

Abstract Urban Patterns FLW 2298ihuitt

The Green Curtain

StonePlant FLW 3354 drewg

Blue Wrought Iron

Urban Tapestry FLW 2479 dwast

Easter Gate

Abstract Paper FLW 33700 qlptg.jpg

Word Patterns

Pattern FLW 2553 fvfvcr

Black Iron

PaintingLayers FLW 300333321 sdfghbgryy.jpg

Layers of Paint

Abstract Poster FLW 5678 ghd.jpg

Paint My Wall I

Abstract Rust and Leaves FLW 4680 qetug.jpg

Rust Pattern

Abstract Urban FLW 2007 plm.jpg

Dark Gate

BlueAbstract FLW 2323 fowln.jpg

Blue Mesh

Maps and Books FLW 4681 ctump.jpg

Maps & Books

MeshAbstract FLW 3057 fbcghi.jpg


Urban Patterns FLW 2058 popp.jpg

The Merger

RockMetalBird FLW 56789 ddredd.jpg

Two Birds

Abstract Sbrub FLW 2006 fwwqf.jpg

Patterns in the Barberry

Rust Plates FLW 5555 yyyyyz.jpg

Amazing Rust

CeilingArrt FL0090 himmnbvc.jpg

Gold Ceiling


On the Diagonal

AbstractPting FLW 30030030033 tgbthnyjcv.jpg

Abstract in Red

WaterDrops FLW 34455665 bnghhjythy.jpg

After the Rain

RUST EGA 565677 unf.jpg

Rust Streaks

Hummingbird FLW ffhrt 79685944567.jpg


MeshPattern FLW 34254665773.jpg


RUst&Metal FLW 200220002 fhhfdkskslaw.jpg

Rust and Metal

AshlandWall FLW 348338833aa.jpg

Bricks 83

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