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Urban Abstracts

The photographs in this gallery are highly diverse, taking photographs of urban scenes and abstracting them in a wide variety of ways in the digital darkroom. See street art combined with building facades and ordinary urban items layered with hardscape, reflections and other images.

AmstRock FLW 5770 hoop
Museumplein, Amsterdam
LondonAbstract FLW 3434 kjjhgbngbfv.jpg

London Street

Seattle Reflections 1 FLW 51816
Seattle Reflections
Amsterdam FLW 051916.jpg
Clock Tower
Building Reflections FLW 5679 nhjmk.jpg
High-Rise Reflections
cityscape 45544577.jpg
City Color
Building Reflections FLW 9752 hnnb.jpg
High-Rise Reflections II
LightRise FLW 34545667 nhjmkiuyirf.jpg
Highrise Through Rain
SaFeBrickwindow FLW 457908 ljkhjjhww.jpg
Window on the Wall
RosetteDoor FLW 3948576 alskdjfh.jpg
Rosette Door
Urban Abstract Mural FLW 4994 fhhff.jpg
Pop Goes the Skyscraper
PalmReflection FLW 330033003 gjgjgjgj
Palm Reflections
CityScape FLW dgdgdgd 232321.jpg
Art House
CityAbst Flw ththt 454542.jpg
Art House II
UrbanBuildingPatterns FLW 2445667 ggh7ik.jpg
CityReflections FLW 65656 hjuimjmghn.jpg
City Reflections
Westminster FLW 6789 hngbcs.jpg
Westminster Abbey, London
Amsterdam Abstract FLW 2005 gnnbps.jpg
Amsterdam Street
RockCollage FLW 57766 dswque
Lights in the Cavern
Bamboo Screen FLW 233221 gbcx.jpg
Bamboo Screen
ArtDeco FLW 5791 dwqa.jpg
The Gate at Marilyn’s
Abstract FLW 23343221 ghgbh.jpg
A Little Bit of Everything
Doorknobs FLW 9999333 ppppv.jpg
Open the Doors
Doorknocker FLW 677654 gbvf34.jpg
The Doorknocker
GetAHandle FLW 00200256 gnbjgk234.jpg
Get a handle
RustyMetal FLW 10293847 gbbbggy777.jpg
Rusty Bracket
Eyesfor You FLW 4466 thhgn.jpg
Street Art: Eyes for You
Graffiti FLW 5656565 ghghgh.jpg
Rust & Tile FLW 29568 fwpmc.jpg
Rust and Tile
Urban Patterns FLW 8888 cccf.jpg
Stone Bench I
BLue Window FLW qwweee 455665.jpg
The Lumens Store Window
BinBlue 9999 QQQQrust
Orange Bin
RUST drk flw 5609hnophjgyfv.jpg
Blue Numbers
Fireescape FLW 3432346 fewsdqrs.jpg
Fire Escape I
FireEscapeFLW 8686868 fldldpspkiyi.jpg
Fire Escape II
Urban Abstract FLW 333999777we.jpg
Open the Door, Please
LightWindow FLW 1002938 fjkdlsssqaqqq.jpg
Lights in the Window
Lock FLW night 2313rrtrdf
Pick the Lock by Night
GraffitiFLW 33332222vvvvgggggf.jpg
Graffiti I
Graffitti103 FLW 565656788787 jklkk.jpg
Graffiti II
RUst&Metal FLW 200220002 fhhfdkskslaw.jpg
Rust and Metal II
MBA FLW trash 232323 ghghghgbbby.jpg
Sea Trash, Monterey Bay Aquarium
MBA FLW SeaGarbage 2inv 3344433 fbgnhmjjklllyii.jpg
Sea Trash, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Abstract
Plastic MBA 3432thyjykk.jpg
Sea Trash, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Copyright 2016 by O’Haren Fine Art Photography

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