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As an artist, I love collage and the variety and textures one can create. Collage using the digital darkroom is pure fun, allowing me to combine all sorts of media and three-dimensional images, and continually change them as I play with the camera. Then, layering photos further generates new patterns, color combinations and playful images.

Butterflies Collage FLW 051816

Butterflies I

Butterflies 5533jjjkkllmn.jpg

Butterflies II

Collage FLW 9977bqus.jpg

Bird Collage

Butterflies & Memory FLW 51816

Butterflies & Memory

Collage Ads 51819

Antique Advertisements

Bird Eggs FLW 2 051816

Bird’s Eggs

UrbanAbstractBFLY FLW 300379 hllkfhdddwwd.jpg

Monarch Flight

Collage Circles FLW 051819b

Urban Collage

Tapestry Collage FLW 9977mn.jpg

Collage with Key

ABstract Patterns FL 2323edfd.jpg

Blue Flowers

Ayellow FLW 6776 ythus

Letter A

GoldButterflies FLW 3229 frtff

Gold and Butterflies

AbstractPting FLW 30030030033 tgbthnyjcv.jpg

Tropical Day

BWStripesCAP 22 FLW 9685746 vnbmvldkdqsst.jpg

Patterns in Black and White

Urban Collage FLW 7999997 ghghgqqq.jpg

Urban Collage

Collage ABS circles FLW 2109 vnbhgjkl.jpg

Collage of Abstracts

Decoreffeort FLW 34343 dfdqrst.jpg

Pink Butterfly

Collage pieces asdfghweqw.jpg

What I Found

Campus Signs
Jewel II

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