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Abstract Reflections

Reflections on water and glass yield surprising images. Blending photographs of reflections with other materials through the magic of digital photography produce amazing images. These photographic works draw from a variety of source materials to create tapestries of color and form using the enhancement tools of the digital darkroom.

SANTAFEFOUNTAIN FLW 34509345 sdefqweioudsss.jpg

Fountain, Santa Fe

Amsterdam by the Canal
Amsterdam by the Canal
Reflections Sunset FLW 4421 frtrt.jpg
Reflections, Red
Reflections Water FLW 051816
Lake Reflections
Urban Abstract FLW 5454plmdd
Find Your Gift
Lake Reflections FLW 1090
Lake Lights, Night
Reflections Tapestry FLW 4554.jpg
Reflections, Tapestry
Reflections Variations FLW 20394848 gjhkjlk.jpg
Reflections Variations
Tropical Forest FLW 2347 dfwqfg
Forest, Reflected
Musical Chairs FLW 9921jomm
Musical Reflections
Reflections Orange Tree FLW 2006 rool
Reflection, Orange Tree I
Reflections OrangeTreeFLW 4444 vvvvg
Reflections, Orange Tree II
ReflectionLiquified FLW 3300337 ffooffqwwq.jpg
Orange Juice
Reflections Water FLW 1103jmxc
Lake Reflections
Reflections Water FLW 3322 poytgt
Reflections, Tapestry
Reflections Tapestry FL 2343 9009-1
Reflections, Mystic Lake Bridge
Music Reflectdions  FLW 1441 rewf.jpg
Reflections on the Lake
Reflections Water FLW 3322eerws
Reflections, Sunset
Music Orange FLW 3434 bvzaq
Music in Orange Water
Reflections Water FLW 3322wer.jpg
Reflections, Blue Windows
RockSea FLW 36554 ghtht.jpg
Rock Sea
Tapestry Variation FLW 5599 hhnnv.jpg
Water Tapestry
GlassWindow FLW 40068 fhuihj.jpg
Downtown Window
Stained Glass FLW 0987 poiups.jpg
Mystic Door
BigBlueReflections FLW 20020020 qopopoqpgg.jpg
Big Blue Reflection
Reflections Water FLW 31117 dwdwdwqq
Lake Reflection

Copyright 2016 by O’Haren Fine Art Photography

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